shirt tier list


die ; "no fucking" ; 2002

no fucking. celibacy. incel rights.

kaoru ; hentai ass ; 1999

straight up filthy


toshiya ; "hope change progress vision green evaline strong supporters of sarcasm" ; 2010

textbook incomprehensible

die ; "no comment" ; 2003

what it says on the shirt.

die; "under1万円" ; 2002

a bargain if you ask me.


left me speechless.

shinya ; "who makes you smile?" ; 2008

i don't know about you but this shirt doesn't make me smile.

die ; "music man eliminator" ; 2001

absolutely incomprehensible and violent at the same time

kyo ; "GENEROUS" ; 2003

whatever message this shirt tried to send me it absolutely failed at it.

toshiya ; "teenage millionaire" ; 2006

maybe the millionaire part is true but the teenager part is absolutely a lie. i feel scammed.

toshiya ; "(...)DIGITAL STYLE" ; 1999

i need to know what the rest of the shirt says because i'm sure it has some messages to send out to the world.

toshiya; milkboy "save up to £35,00 hybrid refined outfits for people with quality" shirt; 1999

very bold of him to assume he's a person with quality. self esteem to the core.

toshiya ; "FLORIDA" ; 2014

maybe the real florida man was him after all

basic bitch

toshiya ; "how can an angel break my heart?" ; 2019

i don't know. you tell me. extra crime points for sharing a YSL shirt with a bts member.

shinya ; fake jack daniel's label tank top ; 2007

why are these shirts a thing


kaoru ; winged head print ; 2019

nothing against this, this is magnificent.

kyo; "hysteric 13" ; 2002

ominous energy

toshiya ; alien breasts ; 2015

absolutely a free the nipple statement

kyo ; KIDILL bats shirt ; 2020

an absolutely smooth choice of a print. respect

toshiya ; untitled ; 2002

titties out

jock couture

die ; custom sports jersey ; 2013

no comment once again this is absolutely valid and flawless.

die; "SELFISH" ; 2001

he completely delivered with this one not gonna lie

toshiya; football jersey ; 2002

textbook jock couture

die / kaoru; matching sports jerseys ; 2001

real friendship.

kaoru, dennis rodman "bad as i wanna be" shirt ; 1998

the sheer energy he exudes is undescribable

absolute Statement Pieces

toshiya ; schoolhouse rock "FRIEND OF THE EARTH" shirt ; 2005

ecology. this shirt singlehandedly saved global warming and pollution.

toshiya ; chrome hearts "FUCK YOU" tank top ; 2008

completely blasphemic and trashy, it's definitely a statement for the world to see.


he ended racism through fashion with this one

die; "NOGUCCI" ; 2003

king went from this to wearing legit gucci, good for him

die; pattern mixing ; 2003

this came out great i'm amazed. this is saying something.

kaoru; "SHOCKER" ; 2002


kyo / kaoru ; living rug stores ; 2003

just two people with piss colored hair.

toshiya; "ain't fuckin' to die" ; 2003

wish the actual song was named like this.

toshiya; supreme x black sabbath "PARANOID" sweatshirt ; 2020

what's he paranoid for i don't know. but this sure is sending out a message. also not commenting on the fact this is supreme. hypebeast death row worthy.

toshiya; borger hoodie ; 2002

no words. he really took the fashion world by storm with this piece.

shinya ; "F**K OFF COVID_19 / F**K OFF DEATH" ; 2020

he singlehandedly ended the pandemic with this item