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sugiya's official twitter

sugiya's 'resume' or something (glad to see more people using html in 2019)

ryux's official twitter

ryux's instagram

hayato's twitter (used to use his bandmate's one before)

hayato's newer blog (previous one is long gone, though mildly available through wayback machine but a lot of the entries are blocked, click here,here, here or here for some old-school web design goodness).

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K's blog

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moi dix mois on scape (MM-related projects database; outdated)

moi dix mois on the scape forums (biggest moi dix mois dedicated forum page, lots of stuff that not even I have read in its entirety)

fansite (very complete in 2000s scans and info)

Mana on ESP Japan's Page

K on ESP Japan's Page

recommended interviews

24.03.2006/25.12.2006 - Mana-sama Aesthetics entries, 2006

xx.xx.xxxx - Part OnePart TwoPart Three Mana Interview

xx.02.2005 - Orkus Interview, 2/2005 - "From the Japanese Throne of Goth"

xx.03.2005 - Orkus interview, 3/2005 - Dix infernal

xx.04.2005 - Astan No.20, April 2005

xx.05.2005 - "Animania interview, 5/2005 - "Interview with a Vampire"

xx.10.2005 - Astan interview, 10/2005

xx.10.2005 - Orkus interview, 10/2005 - "Revelation"

xx.12.2005 - Orkus interview, 12/2005 - "From the Throne of Darkness"

xx.03.2006 - interview, 3/2006

xx.03.2006 - Orient-Extrême interview, 3/2006

xx.04.2006 - JAME interview, 4/2006

xx.06.2006 - Orkus interview, 6/2006 (part 1 of 2)

08.07.2006 - Orkus interview, 7-8/2006 (part 2 of 2)

xx.09.2006 - Orkus interview, 9/2006

xx.xx.2006 - Sonic Seducer Starfacts 2006 interview

xx.xx.2006 - Moi dix Mois Interview 2006

22.08.2009 - Moi dix Mois Interview and Panel at Anime Expo

06.04.2012 - Orient-Extrême interview, 3/2006 Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel With Moi Dix Mois

Moi dix Mois Interview translations index

live reports

xx.03.2005 - Moi dix Mois - Munich Concert & Autograph Session

19.03.2006 - Moi dix Mois live - Beyond the Gate March 19th 2006 - Berlin

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11.10.2014 - Deep Sanctuary IV(ZIZ、Moi dix Mois、Yu~ki伯爵) 2014/10/11 (Eng)

09.09.2018 - 【ライヴレポート】MALICE MIZER<25th Anniversary Special>、「Kamiも降臨しています」