Amadeus members

piano: Hiron

vocals: M.J. Seiji[also in BRAIN HACKER and Moi Dix Mois.]

vocals: Nene

bass: Miyu

name: Hiron

position: piano

birthday: 02/06/xxxx

place of birth: 愛知県 / Aichi , Japan

blood type: B

name: M.J. Seiji

position: vocals

birthday: 09/08/1972

place of birth: 広島市 / Hiroshima, Japan

blood type: AB

name: Nene

position: vocals

birthday: 08/04/xxxx

place of birth: 神奈川県 / Kanagawa, Japan

blood type: AB

name: Miyu

position: bass

birthday: 25/01/xxxx

place of birth: 青森市 / Aomori, Japan

blood type: B