about the webmaster

name: veir

position: bass

birthday: 21/04/xxxx

place of birth: Baires

blood type: O+

hello! I realized I never properly introduced myself, so I made this page with not that much to say c:

I'm veir (an alias, unfortunately) and I just made this site to show my love for these artists and their music in a -sort of- unfashionable way. I'm not an html expert, kinda obvious since this website is really basic. But I really don't want this to look that professional at all, I think a part of the "charm" in this website is its html simplicity, stolen from the websites people used to make a relatively short time ago. but well.

my favorite bands included here would probably be ZIZ; Amadeus ~fantastic final weapon~ and hide with spread beaver, among many others.

some links: my tumblr where I spam stuff occasinally.

Needed update (13.03.2020): This site has been fairly inactive for a few months, due to various reasons such as the webmaster being busy and some technical problems. I'll try my very best to free some time to start getting back on the site, adding new content, modifying old, faulty one, and trying to make the page as complete as possible. I'll still be checking in at times, even if I don't edit the site during those visits. thanks for tuning into this project made with much love from me.